Evaluation & Valuation

We take an in depth look at your technologies through our paid tools (both patent and market databases) to understand their commercialization potential and apply reliable valuation methods according to the case itself.

Intellectual Property (IP) valuation is an increasingly important aspect of managing assets in the currently complex and ever-changing business world.

IP valuation is both qualitative and quantitative in nature, as calculations are always based on qualitative analysis. Qualitative methods provide a value guide through the rating and scoring of IP based on factors which can influence its value. According to a study in 7000 EP patents, the results shows that “80% of the value of a patent portfolio stems from less than 20% of the patents.“

This means that when a patent portfolio is evaluated, only few patents need to be evaluated precisely – the effort should be focused on the very valuable patents. Thus, in a first step the most valuable patents are identified, and in a second step the value of these patents is then calculated or evaluated more precisely.

When Is Valuation Necessary

Valuation is necessary in a number of context-specific situations including the following:

  • When licensing IP; and
  • In litigation,
  • In Investment,
  • In a sale, merger, joint venture or similar commercial transaction;
  • Tax incentives,
  • In a divorce whether personal or business,
  • In a bankruptcy.

We offer valuation support within the scope of the context which includes product-patent covarage analysis, landscape and in-depth analysis with patent mapping approaches, tree analysis for claims, market and patent landscape analysis through our strategic partners and paid services. Quantitative approach is applied according to the case and at least two metodoloıgies are applied to reach reliable results.

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