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Early-stage startup valuation is a complex issue. There are many details to consider, and deep technical know-how is a must. When to apply a valuation method? If yes, which method to apply? What should be the discount rates and what are the risk factors?

Let us clear your questions first and deliver a startup valuation report if you really need it!

When & why do you need?

• Understand if you really need a valuation service

• Due diligence phase


What is the tangible benefit for your company?

• lower-than-expected valuation means handing over more equity

• starting with the right valuation for the next investment rounds 

• ability to negotiate with investors in a structured way 


How & what do we deliver?

We don't want your startup to spend money on valuation if you really need it!  Thus, as a first step, we have a meeting to understand your need! If we decide to proceed, we conduct a deep-dive meeting and ask some detailed information we need to use our in valuation methods. We deliver a detailed report including your startup valuation (minimum 2 methods) and 5 years financial projections. 

Startup Valuation

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How can we help further?

We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about TLS.IP or startup valuation in general.

Please feel free to book a free call with us!

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