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Corporate-Startup Engagement & Scouting Programs

Working with start-ups to tackle your innovation problems can be cost-efficient, fast-paced, extremely informative, and profitable.

Startups/scaleups active in your industry are developing cutting-edge technologies which can be either a threat or a collaboration opportunity.

When & why do you need?

• Your urgent tech-based problems need to be fixed quickly but getting organized inside is costly and slow

• You need a systematic and long-term approach to navigate your product and innovation strategy to stay competitive


What is the tangible benefit for your company?

• Fast-track solutions for startups/scaleups addressing your pain

• Learning to work with the best start-ups/scale-ups having fast-moving DNA and cutting-edge tech


How & what do we deliver?

We offer continuous startup scouting and partnering program to engage your company with the best-fit and promising startups in your industry in a customized, 7/24 accessible pipeline.


What is the secret sauce of TLS.IP? We deliver a software-backed, human-powered engagement! Our innovation management and scouting software help you manage all your innovation workflows to engage with startups such as accelerators, hackathons, etc., and identify best-fit startups. Either a single event-based or a long-term engagement method; we tailor your startup engagement process to your current or future corporate needs/pains/opportunities and provide a targeted startup engagement.

You get a curated list of startups/scaleups, assistance in meetings with startups in framing the deal (IP, legal, commercial), PoC / pilot opportunities with the selected startups.

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How can we help further?

We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about TLS.IP or corporate-startup engagement & scouting in general.

Please feel free to book a free call with us!

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