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Calculating the market worth of a patent or a patent portfolio is known as patent valuation. Patent valuation is required when companies or inventors prepare for mergers, acquisitions, sales, or licensing of inventions.

Patent valuation requires a combination of skills and know-how on valuation methods, market and patent data, and experience.

When & why do you need?

• Patent transaction activities such as licensing, sale, etc.

• Deciding on R&D investments

• Tax incentives or TUBITAK grants

• Patent enforcement


What is the tangible benefit for your company?

• Licensing/transfer opportunities

• Grants for taxation and TUBITAK

• Technology evaluation for M&A and investments

• Benefit from tax incentives


How & what do we deliver?

Traditionally, there are three core approaches used in patent valuation: market, income, and cost. TLS.IP experts had hands-on know-how and experience in valuation


Combining technical know-how with field experience, we apply a hybrid strategy and technique. Our valuation report provides detailed insights into the patent landscape (tech trends, assignees, market-valued patents, market value analysis, etc.), market research findings, and royalty analysis.

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How can we help further?

We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about TLS.IP or patent valuation in general.

Please feel free to book a free call with us!

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