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a powerful tool that allows you to
end-to-end manage your startup programs

for innovation management teams of an any-size organization

design and manage all your innovation workflows such as accelerators, incubators, hackathons, intrapreneurship programs, startup engagement programs from a single platform

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Run Your Startup Programs

  • Assign tasks to your startups, track progress

  • Assign mentors & coaches to your startups

  • Track mentoring & coaching meeting outputs (notes, files, tasks)

  • Automate meeting scheduling! 

  • Chat with your startups individually or mass e-mail your batch 

  • Collect applications for all your program events (training, webinar, etc.) 

  • Share content (file, link, etc.) with attendees 

Keep Metrics

  • Track your startups' KPIs

  • Monitor and evaluate your program's performance metrics

  • Make connections between your startup programs, make sense of your data

  • Share the one-pagers of your startups with your ecosystem with a single link

  • Manage the ecosystem, not the program!

Collect Ideas & Applications

  • See applications of all your programs in a single place

  • Design complex application forms with an advanced form builder

  • Welcome startups with your logo, corporate colors, and domain name

  • Send a reminder to startups that started but have not submitted their application

  • Export applications any time (PDF, XLS)

  • Reach your application metrics quickly

Simplify Evaluation Process

  • Customize your evaluation steps flexibly

  • Easily create scoring cards

  • Email startups easily, collect additional information

  • Share applications with evaluators such as mentors, juries, etc. with one click

  • Collaborate with your team and community (mentors, juries, etc.) 

  • Monitor application history

Working With the Best Programs and Partners

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Curious about how can TECHIN2B help you
manage your startup programs?

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