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Patent Landscape Analysis

For IP /Technology Managers, patent landscapes enable better managerial decisions on which technologies and markets to spend time and money on.

You can use patent landscape data to discover areas of risk and opportunity, identify competitors and prospective allies, develop effective foreign patent filing strategies, and operate without infringing on existing patent rights.

When & why do you need?

• To identify emerging technologies & trends within your industry

• To understand the competitive landscape in R&D-intensive fields

• To watch your main competitor's technologies


What is the tangible benefit for your company?

• Cost optimization for IP expenses

• Competitive advantage in the target market

• Identification of crowded or emerging areas


How & what do we deliver?

We start with researching the technical aspects of your target technology field and defining the scope of the landscape search such as country, period, family, technology classes, keywords, etc.

We formulate the patent search strategy to identify documents and categorize the collections such as leading entities, yearly performance, etc.

We run the next step on INNOVATION RADAR, our market intelligence report software to combine market, startup and patent data to see the landscape as a whole.

We deliver a comprehensive landscape report including critical insights on key technologies, applications, geographic distributions, top assignees, new entrants, invention families, etc. We share all insights with visual statistical figures, data, and expert comments.

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How can we help further?

We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about TLS.IP or patent landscape analysis in general.

Please feel free to book a free call with us!

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