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market & technology intelligence reports
"affordable, connected, tailored to your business"

for innovation and technology decision-makers like managers, directors 

 tailor the scope of your market & technology report to the needs of your business! 
Go beyond static, outdated, macro-level market intelligence reports 

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Expert Reviewed Intelligence

  • We connect patent, startup, industry, and market data with expert analysis

  • We are gathering all data using AI, big data, and machine learning technologies.

  • Our field experts analyze all data and insights and turn them into strategic information for you.


  • Don't pay for expensive market reports

  • Analyze your report, dive into patents, startups, and market insights with interactive data 

  • Create your own insights, and share them with your team

  • Share your findings, and review your peers’ work

Tailored to Your Landscape

  • Your report only focuses on the technology landscape of your business defined by you

  • We mine thousands of patent, startup, and market data points

  • Don't waste time with macro & static reports

  • Prepare data-driven strategies, take better R&D and business decisions

Never Become Outdated!

  • Your report data is connected! It is automatically updated quarterly.

  • Access technology, startup, and patent insights in your technology landscape

  • Discover promising technologies, startups

  • Track the activities of your competitors  before they become headlines


Curios about our "connected" reports?

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