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Incubator &
Accelerator Booster

Running an incubation or acceleration program is hard! There are tons of operations your team needs to manage: outreach, application due diligence, program design, skills training, mentor scheduling, peer learning, demo day, investor matchmaking, etc.

You don't want your program to be tagged “waste of time” by startups but creating value is not easy. The challenge is having a program team with a strong network, know-how, and expertise. This is where we are ready to help!

When & why do you need?

• Planning to run a big accelerator cohort but your team lacks expertise, know-how, and operational power

• Tailored skills training and mentoring services

• The accelerator/incubator you manage is missing success stories to attract new startups for your next cohort


What is the tangible benefit for your company?

• Commercial & fundraising success of startups in your cohorts

• Running a program “highly recommended” by startups


How & what do we deliver?

We start with assessing every startup in your cohort with our “status-check” method. We prioritize the startups according to their capacity in 5 dimensions: team capacity, problem-solution fit, product-market fit, time-to-market, and fundraising capacity. We design and deliver a tailored ongoing mentoring and skills training scheme together with your accelerator/incubator team.

We hate one-size-fits-for-all schemes; we all know that time is money for your startups!

No bullshit, just what your startups need! We act like your team member and help you create value for startups.

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How can we help further?

We're here to help and happy to answer any questions you may have about TLS.IP or how to boost your incubator/accelerator in general.

Please feel free to book a free call with us!

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